I think it’s very important for Muslims all over the world to understand what they are up against. These violent extremist people use important and emotional keywords from the religion, to get into the minds of people to make their pitch for the violence that they espouse. And when someone criticizes their argument, they are very quick to talk about how the critic is attacking the faith of 1.4 billion Muslims.

But you and I who live in Muslim communities or are from Muslim communities also know how this 1.4 billion Muslim number is composed of. They include members of the 73 sects in the various denominations. The numbers include Sufis, Shias, and all the others. But if you ask one of these people from the Wahhabi or Salafi ideology what they think of the other sects and denominations, they would be quick to dismiss all the Muslim’s who doesn’t follow their ways as Kaafir. So which Muslims are these people referring to?

This is also true whenever they are questioned about their motivations and their actions resulting from this hate speech. They wave around “islamophobia” as the motivation of the critic. When clearly we are talking about how radicalization is destroying once peaceful Muslim communities.


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.28.29 PM.png
Typical Islamist labeling that I am talking about.


Like termites, they have infested peaceful and moderate Muslim communities and started to use emotional Islamic keywords in an attempt to convert people to their beliefs and are actively recruiting fighters for their cause. And they use economic hardship, poverty, lack of education to prey on their victims.

And if we let them do that, we will lose the harmony that exists in our society. They are seeking a war so they can get “martyr” doing their violent “jihad”

This video below is how these people are trying to destroy Indonesia under the same narrative. Maldives is already under attack. We can’t let them do to us what they are doing in other parts of the world.


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  1. Check this shit out. LMAO
    The ever so dheenveri and wise Adam Nawaz of Vaguthu has posted this article, probably to preserve our aqeedha.
    He is dheenveri enough to write about it. But not enough to not lie as dheen mentions. The article in Dhivehi is clearly written in a way to tug at the heartstrings of typical Dhivehin.
    Read the actual article in Guardian.
    Adam Nawaz writes that the couple were having gay sex while dying. But the original article no such thing! They could have been two friends embracing at the face of imminent death.
    I’d love it if you write a piece on this.
    It’s funny how these pseudo dheenveri “moderates” write such bullshit to fuel people like siruarts.


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