This blog post is an opinion post about things that has continued to bother me since the unnatural death of Raudha. It’s not meant to be an investigation and it’s certainly not proof that Raudha was murdered. But as long as these questions and the issues raised remain unanswered, I am finding it extremely hard to accept that she committed suicide, despite what the official narrative is. Therefore, I continue to call her death a murder unless someone can conclusively establish that it was indeed a suicide.

NOTE: Every link and video in this post is provided to back every claim made in this article. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.


The Maldives Police Service have yesterday at a press conference told the public that the unnatural death of Raudha was in their opinion, a suicide.

So let’s get right into the issues with this press conference, shall we?

Firstly, let’s start with the time of death. As far as I know, in most cases where someone has died, whether it is murder or suicide, one of the first things that the investigative authorities do is establishing a time of death. In this case, neither the Bangladeshi police or the Maldives Police Service has given a time of death. Even after the autopsy was done. So I think her family and the public would still like to know why this information have been withheld so far.


The police have previously claimed that they were able to unlock and get access to Raudha’s iPhone (here, here and here).

The police have also claimed that media reports are obstructing the investigation into Raudha’s death (here).

The police most recently then claimed, based on the information gained from Raudha’s phone she has had an argument with her boyfriend Shahi Ghani who is a student studying in the UK (here). Bangladesh police also have also made the same claim about an argument with the boyfriend (here).

The likely hood of these stories is to provide a premise that Raudha was indeed depressed, thus likely to kill herself. I can also reveal that the police have told journalists in private after the conference that Raudha was pregnant at the time of her death. If this was true, why was this also left out of the conference?


Now before we get deep into this post, let’s first talk about Raudha’s iPhone. Maldives Police made the claim that they have unlocked Raudha’s phone. A dead person’s finger can’t open the iPhone unless the body was recently dead. This is because of the “capacitative” surface of the sensor. An electrical discharge is identified before it works. (I found this out later). The police claimed that the iPhone 7 was unlocked by trying combinations from information received from Raudha’s friends. I don’t think this is true because any competent investigative authority would not risk something like this because the iPhone gets disabled when the wrong passcode is entered 6 times if the owner hasn’t set specific instructions on data security. Alternatively, the owner can set from settings to wipe the phone after 10 failed attempts. They should have explained in detail how they were able to get into Raudha’s phone. Last year’ the biggest data security court case in the world was over the same issue as the FBI in the United States took Apple computers to court trying to get a backdoor into iOS for the exact same specific reason. One year after the court case, the issue still remains unresolved.

The police have attempted to justify their narrative by claiming that they somehow were able to get the passcode of her phone because she has lent her phone to someone else – is dodgy at best. The distraction used to sell this story is how they were sharing laptops around, therefore phones were also being shared. And along with it, passwords and passcodes for the phones. How convenient.

The police didn’t present evidence of the phone being unlocked. I am going to go out on a limb here and call bullshit on the police claim that they had gotten into Raudha’s phone. Some journalists later have claimed to me privately that the police did show some pictures of information that the police have taken from her iPhone. But this wasn’t done publicly. More like an attempt to pacify journalists who attended the conference from asking more questions.


What about the door to the room. Why is there a contradiction to the issue of the door being broken in? The pictures that circulated in the media after the family and Maldives police went to Bangladesh showed that the locks of the door were not broken in as the official first narrative of how the body was found. It claimed that the students saw through the door Raudha hanging and broke in the door.


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.56.07 PM.png

At the press conference, the police attempted to justify that when the door was shaken hard, the locks did came loose. If so, how is that a secure door? And why are the doors of the rooms basically “unlockable” like this? Also, this story is a contradiction of the initial claim by the crime scene police that the door was BROKEN into by concerned students. Shouldn’t the claim have been that the locks came undone when they attempted to open it?

The police also said that among the people who opened the door, there were people from 4 different countries. What they were leading to with this is, since they were from different countries, they can’t be involved in a cover-up. Now I am not claiming that everyone is involved in the cover-up. But where someone is from has little to do with being radicalized. People are being radicalized from all over the world, regardless of their nations, ethnicity, language or gender. And this school is a radical infested nest that is being used by vested interests to further radicalize students into their extremist ideology.

The door would have been locked from inside to justify that suicide narrative. Now assuming that the doors were bolt locked as the official claim goes and if she was really murdered as I suspect she was, how did the killers leave the room after bolting the door shut from the inside?

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.05.38 PM.png

Why didn’t the police make any comments about the condition of this window in the above image which is by her bed? What’s on the other side? Is there a ledge or a balcony that a person can go to the next room? Were fingerprints taken from there? If so what were the results? If finger printers were not taken, why not? Killers could have easily left through the window in the back after locking main doors from inside. Yet all they said was that there was a grill on the door. Why not show pictures of the grill. How was the grill fastened? If there was such a grill, could the grill be removed and replaced back easily? Why were no pictures released of the window, the balcony, the grill and how it was fastened?

Are we supposed to dismiss this line of inquiry as soon as they claim that the next door room had 2 Maldivian students living there? Can they not be complicit by virtue of being Maldivian all of a sudden? Isn’t radicalization a problem in the Maldives already?


Then there is still the missing CCTV footage. Claims of Raudha’s movements on the night of her murder and the days leading to it can’t be verified at all, other than the stories coming from the official narrative. How convenient, that the footage simply goes missing from the 25th to the 31st of March. The system came back online soon after she was murdered. The critical thinking skeptic in me keeps nagging in the back of my head saying, the murder may not have been planned for the actual day that she was murdered. But the school authorities had turned off the system so that in that a window of opportunity could be found to carry out the murder. So 5 days lapsed before that opportunity was available when they eventually did the deed. The system conveniently came back online right away.


I also think it was very dishonest of the police to claim they checked Seerat Instagram to see if she was following Raudha. And they said she was. The issue raised was not that Seerat was following Raudha, but the issue of why Raudha’s account wasn’t following Seerat and the likelihood that this unfollow had happened after her death.  What the police had tried to do was attempt to blatantly twist the issue in the most dishonest of ways. They changed it to Seerat unfollowing Raudha. It’s a very disgusting attempt to flip the story and hoodwink the public. They assumed people would not notice the twist in words. This is a major red flag.

While we are discussing Instagram, I now don’t think that someone actually has control of Raudha’s Instagram as I did earlier. The reason that I don’t think so anymore is when I found out later on how the Instagram algorithm detects fake followers. The reason that the algorithm is built that way is to stop people from buying fake followers, which seems to be a common thing.



These screenshots taken two days apart shows a doubling of followers from 31 thousand to 64 thousand after her death. This could easily have triggered the algorithm to think that the spike in new followers was being added so rapidly were fake. The algorithm can’t understand what was going on after all.

“According to Instagram, profanity, spam, using fake likes and nudity are reasons for an account to get shut down.” Another reason an account may be disabled is if there was mass reporting of an account happening. But let’s keep in mind, there isn’t a person behind any of these actions that Instagram does. It’s just how the Instagram algorithm is written. To rule out this possibility, the family should write to Instagram on their support email ( More information about this is available in their terms of use and their community guidelines.

The same way they said they talked to the doctor who did the autopsy. Autopsy lead doctor is compromised. These doctors have faced previous legal problems in past “suicides” at the college. Just because 3 doctors did the autopsy and they were all from different institutions doesn’t mean anything when we are able to establish quite easily that the entire Bangladeshi system is now infested with extremists. And if we pursue this line of thinking, then I would pose more questions like, who assembled the team of autopsy doctors? Why were they specifically picked for this autopsy? In the past, similar cases of “suicides” have been concluded as murder and this same schools autopsy doctors charged even though they would still get away from it – which ended with the husband of the victim being blamed for it. Notice a pattern? Raudha’s boyfriend is now being labeled as a cheat which “drove her to commit suicide”.


Going back to the beginning of the press conference, the police made claims about talking to the school authorities, other students, teachers. The problem with this for me is that the assumption of innocence on the part of the school authorities by the police. What they say must be true. Simply taking their word for it isn’t good enough. I don’t accept that neither should anyone else.

So let’s have a look at what kind of school this really is and who owns it. The school is owned by the Bank Islami organization. Which also appears in this list of terrorist groups entrenched into the Bangladeshi system and civil society. It’s absolutely mind blowing how deeply rooted the problem is. And they have been quite skilled in using the system to their benefit and success to protect themselves.

This same Bank Islami, the parent institution of the college, has been under investigation for terrorist funding in the past.

The question of whether they are part of actually the Jamat Islami terrorist group has also been raised.

Here is a video where they denied such activities.

So we are just going to take the word of these people and their employees now?


So let’s talk specifically about the police claim at the end of the press conference which said that a school is a safe place for students. And that they had given assurances that there is no need to be concerned about.

The below video is from the 39th anniversary (you read that right.. that’s how long they have been there) Islami Chhatra Shabir, which is the student arm of the Bangladeshi Jamat Islami terrorist organization, a well-known Islamist terrorist organization originating out of Pakistan, but now has deep roots and local branches in Bangladesh.

Here is another video about these Shabir guys celebrating their 39th anniversary.

It sure looks like the school’s authorities let them pretty much have their way around there. You can also read more about Islami Chhatra Shabir and Bangladesh Jamat Islami if you want to know more about them.

So what kind of activities is this Shabir group involved in? The below video shows them being involved in gang wars with extremists on the other side of the Islamist extremists divide.

Now here is a video of a violent armed attack at the school. Does that still look like a safe place for students?

So what about that time the teachers of the school actually attacked journalists that were investigating the activities that are being carried out the school?

So what’s it like in Rajshahi? Not the school, but the city.

And let’s not forget the time that the director of Islami Bank Medical College was arrested for unnamed “subversive activities”. And also let’s not forget that 29 Shabir activist were arrested from the same college just a week before Raudha’s murder.

So how are the Maldives police able to claim that this is a safe school for students? Are they just going to take the word of the people that run this place, which increasingly looks like terrorists themselves? And we are just supposed to be ok with it and send more students?


4 days ago, I had information that the MPS was going to conclude Raudha’s death as a suicide. While they didn’t exactly say it was, everything they said at the presser leads to attempts of convincing that it was indeed a suicide. Easier that way. So case closed. The nagging problem of a globally popular strong independent woman murdered for her strength and personality by religious extremists wasn’t something they were ready to get deeper into and investigate.

So what was the goal of the press conference other than to support a pre-established conclusion? It felt like the entire goal of the presser was to debunk claims made by Dr. Athif regarding the death of his daughter. And if anything more, they were trying to debunk my argument of a possible Islamist murder. Police claim that “someone on social media” was trying to change the story of how Raudha died. They should have had the balls to name me if they were accusing me. And for the record, wanting to get to the truth of Raudha’s murder isn’t attempts to try to change the story as they call it. If anything, they are the ones who have helped the concocted story to stand instead of seeking the truth and finding justice for the victim.

Now lets come to the issue of why MPS maybe be lying about Raudha’s death and trying to cover-up possible Islamists murder of Raudha. Why would this be? I have three hypothesis. One is the police officers that went for the investigation were bought off. This is the “disgusting hypothesis” as I would like to call it. Money can be a powerful tool to buy someone’s silence or loyalty. And why wouldn’t they? They have everything to lose if exposed. The carefully planned Islamists takeover of Bangladesh would collapse completely if this facade cannot be maintained. But they have been trying. And they have been rather successful at it so far.

My second hypothesis is that the police officers that went are ideologically similar to the Islamists we are dealing with here. I call this the “scary hypothesis” because this is far more frightening to even think about. But this is not such a wild assumption to make either. President Nasheed has talked about the problem as well. The police have even attempted to deny this, rather than conduct an inquiry into the issue. The same problem has existed in the MNDF as well. The MDP has even gone on public record about the problem. We should also remember that MDP was trying to tackle this problem when they were labeled as laadheenee (irreligious) (here and here). Wasn’t that the main narrative used to overthrow Nasheed’s MDP government (here and here)? And where is the funding coming from that continues to fuel extremists in the Maldives?

And the third hypothesis I am calling is the “incompetence hypothesis”. That people are simply not capable of doing the jobs that they were assigned to do, for whatever reason. The things that back this are the past incompetence and negligences which have left a series of crimes unsolved to this day. The disappearance of Maldivian journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, who may have been investigating Islamist activities and those sending fighters to Syria, still remain unsolved. The countless other murders starting from 2001 till now remain unsolved. Yet we are to trust that these guys have cracked this case with two officers in an overseas country with just two officers? Get real!


Meanwhile, religious extremists have a well-established narrative of “laadheenee” (irreligious) people are prone to depression which often ends in suicide. You can see similar posts on many Islamists social media accounts.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.24.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.25.36 PM.png

And then there are the really sinister ones who preach that “every death is a lesson to the living”.


This exact same narrative can be seen on any extremists social media account. The same extremists would regularly advocate killing persons they view as irreligious or independent of thought. Such advocation for murder is always following by claims the people are either apostates, murtads or atheists.  Freedom of conscience is their biggest enemy. So getting rid of the people they can’t silence is the easiest way to continue with their propaganda and indoctrination works.


Now let’s talk about the Modus Operandi (MO) of past Islamist murders. There is a clear pattern where women are found dead in claims of “suicides” (here, hereherehere, here). In places like Bangladesh where there are high suicide rates in their millions with specifically high rates for an unmarried single woman, it’s easier to hide these murders among actual suicides.  And when it comes to the men, they are brutally hacked to death . But that is not to say men have not been killed in staged suicides in the past. And male students have also been found in such “suicides” in Bangladesh colleges as well. The logical explanation for this method of getting rid of critics is, if women, which half of the earth’s population were killed in the same way as the men, there would be global outrage that they can no longer control. And the men are simply made examples for those who even think to talk about these people and their continued calls to establish a violent “global caliphate so that Islam rules the world“.  The MO isn’t always consistent, but they do try and keep it that way as much as they can.


In Raudha’s case, I would assume that her strong and independent personality had gotten her marked with a bullseye. Bank Islami Medical College was actively indoctrinating the students there, both male and female. Raudha’s presence at the college would make is hard for them to maintain their narrative to other young women in the college who saw Raudha’s as a role model and someone to look up to. This is by the far the most likely motive for her murder in my opinion.

So when I say Islamist extremists, I am not talking about the millions of peaceful Muslims (people that follow the Islamic religion). I am talking about a specific group of people who aims to use certain interpretations of the Islamic source materials (Quran & Hadith) for a specific political gain (establishment of a caliphate at any cost).  And it is for this reason that these people are so dangerous to our societies and to the world at large. It is these people that have tarnished the names of millions of peaceful Muslims all over the world and continue to set the stage for a war between the west, their allies, moderate Muslims against themselves.

Staying silent about the problem will only empower these religious fanatics. And the whole world will lose. And we must decide if we are going to allow that to happen or not.


  1. It’s so ironic how that one post says “Do not kill yourself [or one another]”. Wow. If only you paid attention to the “or one another” part before preaching about killing off atheists.


  2. I agree with your sentiment. It is a more or less scary and disgusting hypothesis. As much as i’d like to have faith in the MPS investigation, i have seen far too many corruption issues related to them to conclude on good will. i would have hired a private investigator instead of MPS.

    may it be extremist related or personal related, a girl has died. No – been murdered. and the many questions arising doesnt help but wonder which was the reason.

    A muslim girl, infront of a camera, wearing designer clothes, expecting the hypocrisy and the name calling is not a simple person. she was very strong and confident. And according to family, she was a happy girl who used to share a lot about her personal life with the family. For instance, about seerath trying to drug her. – which could have been the initial attempt to kill her. These facts point her death as murder. she was strong enough to face her issues. and certainly financially able to buy her way out of issues.

    i cant help but wonder if she blew a whistle about this incident where probably some really prominent members of a terrorist group were caught. Just 5 days earlier. what i feel is its related to something bigger. the school has everything to loose if one single investigator accepts murder as a possibility. They have every reason to hide whatever they can.

    BTW- very curious- how did maldives police guess her iphone password? this is a hilarious thing for me because the FBI, well, failed to unlock a terrorist’s device even in a court. So to say the least, theres a lot more involved than we think. her hurried burial while an investigation was going on- was another dick slap for me. they realy trying to hide something.


  3. Seems like you are trying to get more publicity by publishing bullshit, you so called investigation has lost it’s relevance. Let that girl’s family grieve in peace.


    1. obviously.. i think islam and extremism are 2 different things. I think you also should understand that sir, extremists are people who lie about islam and who narrate the quran into their own meanings to buy the naive mind of the listener- telling what they want to hear. islam doesnt kill people. Allah (S) has ordered that no human has the right to harm another. so whats these extremists doing? bombing schools, houses, muslim societies… damn my bud but they deserve to be banished>sent on trial>jailed or even worse.


  4. Ur investigation is no longer valid. Police have the right to hide some of the evidence cos the case is ongoing. So your ignorance and police did not inbox you all the details doesnt mean that they dont have enough evidence.


    1. So far as i see, Muju is not investigating. would you say the same if muju was looking into or asking questions given the scenario that the girl was your daughter? i think not. infact you would have taken your rifle and blown the entire school down and publicly criticized the entire investigation by the bangla police and the MPS. just because you share different opinion, doesnt mean the other is wrong.


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