I write this to advise independent activist who promote human rights, minority rights and universal freedoms in the country. 

​I would advise that none of you should click any links that is being sent to you by unknown persons regardless of the story they are telling no matter how believable it maybe. 

It’s an attempt to phish your account details, log key strokes, steal passwords, username, and other important details. If your accounts get compromised people are going to get hurt. Even if you know the person who sending you links, be aware of short URLs that’s being sent. Short URLs are used to hide as a mask for malicious links for the same purposes. Also even if the link contains verifiable and reputable domain names and associated words, but the order of the domain name and it sequence is suspicious, you must ignore it. 

And in the event you really want to click a link, but is unfamiliar with the domain, use a online URL scanner service which you can Google for easily. When using a URL scanner to verify a link, copy the link without clicking it, and then paste it in the scanner tool to run for verification. 

Be safe guys. We are basically dealing with a life and​ death situation where these religious extremists will not hesitate to murder you if your identity or accounts are compromised. 

Be vigilant. Be smart. Your life may actually depend on it. 

If you feel inclined to say something, say it here;

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