I think it’s very important for people to understand that because I broke the story of possible extremist murder of Raudha and took a secular argument for the public consideration to avoid these things from happening in out country, it’s now basically become evident that these extremists are real and they need to silence me. So they have engineered a method to create doubt about me by making fake tweets out of a real conversation I had on Twitter.

And if we start having a national conversation about the importance of secularism, their agenda of creating an ISIS style caliphate in the Maldives becomes more difficult. They will use democracy to get to top and start changing the rules. That’s been there strategy all over the world where they exist. Maldives is no different.

So the best way to deal with the problem is have me killed or discredited or both.

As you can can understand these are organized criminals dressed as pious men trying to Hoodwink the public because of an agenda. And their agenda involves the people of Maldives loosing their sovereignty, freedoms and democracy.

Can you imagine living under ISIS? Because that’s where this is heading.

As screenshots of above interaction hit the social media soon after Sheihk Mohamed Shafiu made a second statement about me. In a continued effort to discredit me and my work, this Sheihk has been actively involved in creating hate towards. He is the same person who issued a facebook fatwa for my beheading as well. He has called me an atheist and laadheenee (irreligious) in the typical fashion these extremists use to justify attacking people they disagree with. They are incable of having a discussion on the issues being raised and are afraid of people who think for themselves because they are unable to execute their agenda of an ISIS style caliphate in the Maldives. His mission it seems is to inspire lone wolf type attacks on me.17759839_802024093278494_2420531618108034498_n.png

The message reads;

“Dear beloved Muslim brothers and sisters of the Maldives. Muju Naeem is someone who is making Facebook pages and making fun of Allah and the prophet. He is a filthy murtad kaafir (an apostate) who doest believe there is a god. And he works tirelessly to spread atheism and secularism in the Maldives. He has used the murder of Maldivian student Raudha (may Allah have mercy on her soul) in Bangladesh to publish investigations in his blog which has resulted in many people sharing sharing his posts, and many people giving likes to his page. This is a game he is playing to increase the people who is following him. Liking such blogs and pages and sharing those things gives them more hope amd encourages them, I am asking all citizens not like, share or follow this murtad (apostate). We have evidence that it is he who runs pages making fun of Allah and the prophet. We will be sharing this information with the investigation authorities. If your heart is not angered when someone makes fun of Allah and the prophet, I question your eeman (faith) in Islam. Dear god, if its not in your desire to show him the correct path, destroy him and make him an example to all of mankind. Amen”

The link to the post can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/sheikhshafiu/posts/2388797017927673

The link to his facebook page with 31,000 fans at the time of this post can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/sheikhshafiu
His facebook user profile is: https://www.facebook.com/mohamed.shafiu.10

His user profile says that he is a Associate Lecturer at The Maldives National University. He also claims he is a writer at DhiSalafiyyah. And that he studied at Islamic University of Madinah. Went to Jalaluddin School and Ihavandhoo Madharusa. Ihavandhoo maybe the island he is from.

This threat is now being circulated by extremist media in the country with forged screenshots to back their claim: http://www.atollnews.com/5728

Yesterday the public was concerned about extremism. Today their are concerned by my character, while Raudha’s death and other issues in society are about to get swept under the rug.

A secular country is important for these guys to never reach positions of power in the government. Ever.

If you feel inclined to say something, say it here;

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