As things stand at the moment, it is increasingly looking like that the authorities and the college administration are involved in the cover-up of Raudha’s murder to make it look like a suicide. Religious extremists have deeply infiltrated government positions in Bangladesh since way back as 2009. 

Powerful forces entrenched in the system seems to be playing all available cards to obstruct the investigation. The authorities and the college claimed it was a suicide much before the autopsy report was ready. School authorities have claimed the CCTV footage from 25th March to 30th March “has gone missing”.

The crime scene was not secured by the police, and they had let others tamper with the crime scene. Claims of breaking down the door after they saw her body hanging are a lie as parents reveal pictures of the door and locks to show the door has not been broken in.

Raudha’s bed frame is broken, as if 2 or 3 people have been on it, possibly attempting to hang the body after murdering her.

The family is getting ready to file a case with Bangladeshi courts for obstruction of justice by the police and school administration.

At this point, I am going to make an important point that may seen insensitive to some people.

I believe that as things stand if the family goes to court, it is very likely that a second more independent autopsy is going to be authorized by the courts. And the body will be the evidence of foul play. So it’s very lickely the same powerful forces that have obstructed the case are going to try and get rid of evidence conclusively so that they can maintain their narrative of suicide.

So I call for security around Raudha’s grave as long as needed till a second independent autopsy can be conducted. Her body is the most important piece of evidence and the people involved will go to any lengths to make the truth remains hidden.



  1. One conspiracy theory I feel is that the doctor drugged her and she was carried back and Seerat was instrumental, the reason for the missing CCTV footage and the reason for the bed being broken maybe the result of the killers trying to hang her from the bed. Seerat seems to emphasize on her statement that Raudha called her around 12.30?! was her confirmation that she was still alive from the drugs and then they went into strangle her and hang her with the effects of the drug still on and she cudnt scream for help.


  2. i understand the importance of a 24/7 watch on Raudhas grave, as u say the courts might authorise to exhume for autopsy once again. The killers wud definitely go to lengths to cover up the truth. Then again the question is with the hardcore religious extremism that run Rajshahi might obstruct the exhumation.


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