Earlier today I received links for these videos which I have mirrored in my YouTube channel in case they disappeared. 

​The video that shows the crime scene is from Bangladesh news service 71 Bangla TV. It shows her room and Raudha’s dead body along with police and countless others at crime scene.

The video raises the following questions;

Who cut her down? Why was the crime scene not closed off? Was the scarf cut or did it come loose? If it was cut, shouldn’t the other part be on her neck? If it came loose, it wouldn’t be strong enough to hang a body, wouldn’t it? If as they claim this was a suicide, how did Raudha get all the way up to tie the scarf to the fan? Was there a ladder in the room?

Below is Raudha’s rushed burial video from Bangladesh with family in presence as they were not given a choice for an independent autopsy.

Update 1: new videos added

Raudha’s father Dr. Mohamed Athif interview to Bangladesh media

Video footage from the college and police interviews.

Update 2: new video

Video footage from college and crime scene (29th March 2017) 


  1. Another question is why is she laid on the edge of the bed when theres plenty of room on the other side of the bed. My theory is she was never hanged. They might have tried to do it. The position of her feet seems like the chair was placed there after laying her on the bed.


  2. hey man think about the chair and the way the blanket under it is? raise many questions… like how did it so perfectly went under the chair.. when i recreate that chair scene it doesnt add up. there is no way the blanket would have gone under the chair like that..
    secne 1. she used the blanket on top of the chair.
    then the blanket will be on top of the chair or a bit far from the chair due to the push to get hung.
    scene 2.. blanket was under the chair then the legs of the chair cant be on the blanket so perfectly


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