After careful observation of the two accounts and trying to understand if there is any connection to the case of Raudha’s death, I come to discover the two accounts are owned by the same person.

If we look at Joaslin’s this specific post, she says the cartoon is a caricature of her sister while “sick” while tagging to her sister @amina_touvent.

Then when we look at the comments of the post, she goes on to interact with her sister in the post and then confirm to someone else that it is indeed her sister.

So I had a look at the profile of the sister to have a look. On the sisters profile description appears the flag of Madagascar alongside with the French flag. Meanwhile the Joaslin art profile is only presented as someone in France. Also she the sister has a darker skin tone as most people in South Asia does. At first this made me think this person could also be Bangladeshi.

Now look at this post from Joslin. You can see her hand. Its also of darker skin tone. So we can safely assume they are sisters as they claimed. The hand looking feminine is also the reason I am refering to her as a “she”. I could be wrong.

Now coming back to why I am saying Joaslin & Rose Quartz are the same person. Take a look at this post by Joaslin. She shows a character and then says its her favorite from “Steven Universe”.

So where have we seen “Stevens Universe” before? Look at Rose Quartz profile description again. Bingo!

So whats the connection of this person to Raudha’s death? At this point, other than the seriously disgusting profile write up of raping the dead, there probably is no connection. Nothing. So what about the “you will get yours soon” comment?

Joaslin is a cartoonist who does drawings of people as cute caricatures for her Instagram. She mostly likely was talking about doing a caricature cartoon of Raudha.
So I thought I would write a seperate blog post to clear that out since I already pointed out the two accounts because it caught my attention when doing research for the Raudha’s missing Instagram follows post.

The post previously mentioned the the flags on the profile was Bangladesh. This was an error. It’s a Madagascar flag. 

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