There is something else that’s bothering me about Raudha’s case that I want to highlight.

These are screenshots taken on two separate days. The first set was taken on the day of her death. Google search engine crawled and cached that Raudha was following 371 people on the day she died. But immediately when I went to Raudha’s Instagram, I noticed that she was following 370 people.

This struck me as odd, because if Raudha was dead, she would not be able to unfollow someone, unless someone else had access to her account. I can now confirm that no one else had access to her account because she was using an iPhone 7 and the security on it is literally impenetrable. Even the American FBI is has been unable to get past the iPhone security and last year had taken Apple to court to force them to open a backdoor into the phones which Apple had won. Police in Bangladesh is in possession of the phone and they have not yet been able to get in. I can also confirm this now.

So basically what this means is someone who Raudha was following had to have blocked her account to make the follower disappear. There was simply no other way for that to have happened.
While I thought this was puzzling, I didn’t think much of it. But then I looked at it again and I noticed someone else has also done it again today. And now it’s says she is following 369 people.

So the questions that I am now creating is who are the two missing Instagram users from her following list? And why did they want to be not associated with her as soon as she was dead?

The other thing is the official autopsy report is still not out. I can also confirm this today. So why is the authorities and the college administration giving report to the media saying according to the autopsy her death is a suicide?

Other bits of information that I think is relevant are;

I can also now confirm that one of her “friends” from college had attempted to drug her with sleeping pills. Raudha had told this to close friends and family.

I can also confirm that Raudha had complained to friends and family of people at college verbally attacking her for what they called “immodest” and “unislamic” dress style of hers even though she did wore veil to class as per the school dress code.

Update 1: Finding one of the missing follows

Since I posted this blog post, I was very encouraged to find out the Internet hivemind got very busy  trying to track down who the missing follows are. It didn’t take much long for the Internet to come back with a credible answer for one of the missing follows.

Looking at the image above from Raudha’s Instagram we can tell that this is one person that Raudha has followed, and she is able to tag her in a image. The picture also shows what looks like “good friends”. But are they really?

To double check if this was one of the missing follows, I looked at Raudha’s follow list to see if Seerat was still there. Lo and behold, guess what I found?

Seerat was definitely one of the missing follows. Anyone can check this information by simply going to Raudha’s Instagram and doing a search among her follows.

At this point, I needed to cross check if Seerat’s account was still active after comments on my Facebook page suggested maybe the missing follow was the result of an account deactivation rather than someone intentionally blocking Raudha after her death. So I looked more. I was able to search for Seerat quite easily proving now without a shadow of doubt the missing follow was the result of intentionally blocking Raudha.


Notice my miss-spelling of her surname while doing the search? It still found the person I was looking for. That is because of the Artifical Intelligence driven predictive search used by Instagram which is owned by Facebook.


I was also able to visit Seerat’s account and found that it was a private account. This is very common for young women using Instagram.

So why is so significant? It seems she was close to Raudha. In fact Seerat makes another appearance in Raudha’s Instagram with an affectionate caption from Raudha.

So who is her and where had I heard the name before?

Her name had appeared in the Mihaaru article as the “friend” who was last seen with her and had refused to speak with the media.

The above excerpt is from this Mihaaru article:

This is the same article that had quoted Raudha’s family as saying that they rejected the claim by the police and the medical college that she had commented suicide.

The family had also claimed in the article that they believe there is a cover up and the police and the medical college had refused to allow and independent autopsy to be carried out on her body and pushed for burial quickly.

Interesting enough the following comment on the article was really disturbing to me.

The commenter had raised the question, would somebody who was with her “best friend” moments before her death and seemed happy would go and kill herself? I don’t know the answer to the question. But it’s still struck me.

In another comment in a Mihaaru another person had the exact same idea as I was having at this point.

The commenter had asked that Siraat should be questioned regarding Raudha death. Why was this “close friend” all of a sudden blocking Raudha’s account? The really likely answer is she is probably not blocking her now. As continuing block Raudha’s account would mean she will not be able to come back and see comments other content on Raudha’s account. But a initial blocking was necessary to remove her from Raudha’s follow list.

I would also later find out Seerat has also actively attempted to try and hide people sharing the image of Raudha’s body as found in the crime scene.

Other interesting tidbit bits

This commenter had started to appear on Raudha’s Instagram post spamming all over suggesting that she had commented suicide.

So I looked deeper at the commenter who was spamming her photos and this is what I found.

The account appears to be recently made with a single post. The person appears to only follow 17 people and and had only 169 followers. The followers could have been the result after the person started spamming Raudha’s Instagram posts.

I then looked the Tumblr account of this person from the link provided in the description. I found out that he is a prolific poster in Tumblr as his Tumblr had extensive amount of posts. This was someone who spends a considerable amount of time on the internet by the looks of it. So why was this same behavior not evident in his Instagram account? Could it be because it is new and made specifically for the purpose of spamming Raudha’s Instagram account? The account name “lawlitsmeee” is a play on words of meaning “Lol (laugh out loud), it is me”.

These are some of the interesting content I screenshoted from this anonymous persons Tumblr.

And this particular post from his Tumblr suggest this may be a Maldivian.

So the question that begs is who is this guy and why was he so interested in trying to convince others Raudha’s death is a suicide? Could it be the other missing Instagram follow? Maybe not since the account looks too new. If so, that still leaves the question of the other missing follow unanswered still.

There is something else that caught my attention. The very last person that Raudha had followed in her Instagram had a very interesting Instagram account with a large number of following. This person also shares artwork and cartoons on Instagram.

The profile description is what is so striking about this person.

Its probably nothing, it probably is something. Seeing the kind of stuff on the internet, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the profile description. What is significant is that this is the last person Raudha had followed in Instagram.

I will update this post, if I get any more information down this rabbit hole.

Update 2: It’s entirely possible someone may have had access to Raudha’s phone

While the news reports tell us that her friends broke in to the room after seeing through the window her dead body hanging, I was under the assumption that the door of the room would have signs of forced entry.

The family now confirms that the room door has no signs of forced entry. And lock and the door/doorframe looked quite normal and nothing like someone had broken in to the room. So who else had access to the room? Could it be a friend?

And if someone had access to the room or the killer itself, would they then not have access to Raudha’s phone? And since the iPhone security depends on a passcode or a finger print scan, who’s to say that the perpetrators not opened the phone? Why do I say this? Because even the dead still has fingers and the fingers can still scan. That’s why.

Hand marks on her neck

The family also now confirms that Raudha hand a large distinct hand marks on her neck. The mark had one thumb on side and 4 fingers in the other side. As if someone hand grabbed her neck with their bare hands to strangle her.

When the family had raised the issue with the police, they had dismissed the hand marks as “she had tried to change her mind after the hanging and these were marks left from her own self.


But this doesn’t sit well with me. Because the picture of the body at the scene showed Raudha’s fists clenched. And rigor mortis will set it one the body dies.

Take a look at her hands again.

Update 3: Was another Maldivian at the same college also being threatened?

It has been brought to my attention by multiple sources that another Maldivian student may have been studying at the same college and had returned back after fearing for his life.

It true, who is this person and what was the nature of the threats? If the person can be traced and someone can verify the claim, we would know more about what it’s like to study there is and if threats are a common thing there. And what type of people were making the threats.

Update 4: The second missing follow has been identified

The internet hivemind doesn’t seem to rest, as it’s now brought back the other missing follow from Raudha’s account.

Md Mohsin was one of her follows and “friends” it seems. She had even tagged him to this image and he had likes the post back. Tagging is what tells me that Raudha was following him as well. And they seems to know each other. He had also interacted with this post and possibly others. To go though all instances of interactions would take time, but definitely can confirm interaction with this post.

When I looked for Md Mohsin, I also noticed that his account wasn’t deactivated. I was able to search for him quite easily as well.

He also has a private account which I am unavailable to access. This is also quite normal.

What is not normal is he is also now not in the follow list of Raudha’s as well.

Basically these are the two missing follows from Raudha’s account.

So the question now begs again as before, is why is he no longer in her follow list?

The people investing this case must follow up these points as they try to get to the bottom of how Raudha had died.

Update 5: Is this the potential murderer?

Again the internet hivemind mind goes above and beyond to see what may have happened Raudha and came back with this little gem.

This image of Seerat with Raudha had 12 comments as of today. I have screenshot of 11 of them (the top one is the actual post caption) for the readers of this blog post to have a look at. Unlike previous times I have kept their identifiers like username visible in these images.

The conversation between Seerat and Raudha here is interesting. You will notice that some comments have been deleted from this thread as Raudha asks her friend what “bhains” mean in English. Her friend then comment back saying “shoot at sight orders for you”. Then another commenters says “you will get yours soon”. Below is the profile of the person who made that comment.

Again this profile has a large following as is also someone who is posting art works on Instagram. Is it a coincidence that this profile has similarities in their content as the last person Raudha followed? I don’t know. You be the judge.

What is more interesting is the last two comments made by a profile that goes by the name of Irfan Hasham.

In his comment he is not tagging anyone, but speaking rather directly, asking someone “if this is her account” and then proceeded to thank the same someone. Was he talking to Seerat here? Or was it to someone else who deleted their comment later on? Was Seerat identifying Raudha to someone with her comment? What “bhains” the word for flagging/marking Raudha? Who do you suppose made the missing now deleted comments? What do you suppose actually is said in the missing comment (s)?

So I did a search for Irfan Hasham and this is what I found.

Looking at the profile description sent a chill down my spine.

This person is neither following Raudha or in her follows list.

Instagram has a Airtifical Intelligence driven predictive search too. My misspelling of Hasham’s name as Hashim makes very little difference for it to find the person I am looking for while doing the search.


Instagram has an artifical intelligence driven predictive search. My miss-spelling of Hasham’s name as Hashim has little difference for it to search the name in the list.


Are we looking at the murderer here? Did the internet hivemind just find the killer of Raudha? Let a free and independent investigation decide the truth. I have done my best to bring the issue to the public asking the collective brain capacity of users of the internet (know colloquially as “internet hivemind”) to help investigate the matter for us all and they have not let us down.

And now we as a society must not let Raudha down. There are young girls and women everywhere in our societies are scared of these people and we must acknowledge the problem, have an honest conversation about it so that in the future no more dead bodies keep popping us. We must have compassion for our fellow humans. All lives must matter. Not just certain peoples.

Update 6: Someone has access to Raudha’s Instagram

Confirming suspicions that someone has access to Raudha’s phone, as soon as this post appeared and started circulating, someone pulled down Raudha’s Instagram account. All the content and the conversations and any evidence with it is now gone. Other than what’s here, her content is gone. If anyone else made screenshots they should make it public.

Someone is definitely trying to hide something.

Edit: It was brought to my attention later on that the phone is not needed to delete the Instagram account. In fact, account deletion cannot even be done with the phone. But through the browser. So someone may have access to her account with access to her phone, just the password. If they dont have password of the instagram account, but has access to Raudha’s email, they could request a procedural password reset request.

I believe the family should follow the Instagram guidelines on reporting the deceased account in order to recover and  memorialize the content. The instructions for the procedure is available here:

Some interesting links that paint a picture of a lot of unexplained deaths of young woman that appears as “suicides” in the same area. 

The links below are some of the most disturbing stories you will read in a long time. The pattern of unexplained “suicides” of young women and others in Bangladesh is scary.

And this article claims 29 Islamist extremists were arrested by the police from the same college the week before Raudha’s death.

And this article from 2015 October claims the Dr. Mamun-ur-Rashad, Deputy Director of Rajshahi Islami Bank Medical College was arrested for unnamed “subversive activities”. What may they be?

A university professor was hacked to death in Rajshahi, Bangladesh April 2016, in an attack police say is similar to killings of secular bloggers and atheists by suspected Islamist extremists.

I continue to call bullshit on the claim that Raudha committed suicide. It’s definitely murder staged as suicide. Likely culprits are definitely religious extremists.


  1. I dont know what to say…
    But what should i do..
    No one know when raudha died..
    I know 27 april. 2020 on a Australian abc news chenal.
    In our country madder one of the beautiful woman i ever see in my life ever.. Her eyes tell us everything..
    Now i am crying … Also
    I am just thinking how can some one do this…
    We are fake people.. Man can do anything
    It dosent mean to kill some one..
    Who kill raudha i Don’tknow but raudha is waiting for your punishment i believes that..
    I dont know what to say but this thing happened 3 years ago and no one know that…
    We are very badpeople


  2. So I’m curious about a few details ….. one I notice a strap in the autopsy to me it looks almost like a purse string? Also why is there a blanket a pillows on the floor was another spending the night? I would also suggest to see the inside of her hands the bruises on her neck look as if she could have bruised herself trying to loosen whatever was strangling her. My theory is she caught someone sneaking rat poison into her food and an argument took place; with her death being the end result. I pray they tested that food and gave have a toxicologist report. Or at least get prints from the fan it is so dusty you can still see the finger prints


  3. Someone obviously put sedatives/sleeping pills to have Raudha drugged one time before, so they could continue whatever their plan was! They failed the 1st time, but it is most likely they succeeded the second time, and that helped them to kill her! She was probably drugged before they killed her… Those two people, that unfollowed her Instagram account, definitely do not look like her friends… Seerat Parveen Mohammad is definitely acting strange… It does not seem like she had much love and compassion for her friend! In this post: “To all people out there who are related to Raudha Athif and who are pained by her demise, please stop sharing and circulating her pics. There are other ways possible to show sympathy and condolences. If you people can do least, pray for the departed soul.” Are all the pictures of Raudha and her dead body reminding her something bad and are annoying her? It definitely could be interpreted both ways, the good and the bad one! She needed to be put on the lie detector at least! It definitely does not look like the suicide! It definitely looks like a very poor investigation was done, some cover up, hiding some evidence. All this is obvious! How come Seerat is not curious how and why her friend died?! Who killed her?! Is she the killer herself, or does she know the killer?! Who is Seerat? It she a daughter of some reach parents? Why would she not talk about the case?! Shake the heck out of her and she will tell everything!


  4. After the family had claimed it wasn’t a suicide, I’ve looked up the internet for any news that the further investigations could’ve brought into the light. But I couldn’t find any beyond this article. Does anyone know what happened after?


  5. I know about the “shay” comments because I have experienced comments from a person with the same name with like context in my instagram box. Muju Naeem I think you would be some one interesting to speak to.


  6. I just had this strange vision when I was thinking about Rauda Athif,
    In it I had seen seerat_paraveen_mohommad put sleeping pills into some late night curry the two were cooking in her room. Rauda ate some of this food and soon became tired, she was slightly awake but extremely drowsy. Seerat_paraveen_mohommad then wrapped the scarf around Rauda’s neck and tightened it.. Rauda clenched her fists to try and release the pressure but she was too tired to defend herself or put up any fight.


  7. I hope and pray they get to the truth of this sad loss. What you have researched definitely makes sense and they need to find the truth.


  8. The whole thing is extremely sad, clearly there was more evidence to been seen on her instagram.. But the culture in where she lived just makes it worse or difficult to see justice done at the present moment. Vengeance is of God, and the people that did this to her will have to stand and account for what they did at the white throne judgment, and likely be cast into the lake of fire once judgement is come but it’s still not going to happen for a couple thousand years, and I wish I could somehow change time and give her this warning. I just imagine her growing up and finding a husband and having children, and becoming a doctor, and modeling as a hobby, and it was robbed from her, just as her life was, and God will do nothing but the spirits and angels see everything so they will never be able to cover up what was done. I am sad she couldn’t have just gone to a better school in america where she would be free from religious terrorists who force people to do what they desire or act or dress a certain way. In America we have freedom to do whatever you want, unless it endangers someone else’s life, or is against the law. I would have personally done anything in my power to have helped her become a Doctor in America at a better school, where she could have escaped them. It’s just so sad, but I am confident God will bring justice, even if Bangladesh police refuse to give a proper investigation, even going as far as contacting instagram and looking at the postings. Clearly the people that committed this act of Religious Terrorism will try to brag about what they did to please their god, and be exposed. If i was spiritual enough in the present time I could have prevented this all but when I went to her Instagram 14w’s ago I didn’t really know what I was looking at or why I was there. I have not been spiritual enough to have the full power of my gift to see the future, and this whole thing wants me to get more spiritual but I have deep hurt because she didn’t have to die, and I blame myself for not being in the position I could be to have helped her.


  9. This was a very interesting read. I have probably been convinced for 90 % that it might have been a murder rather than a suicide, like I previously thought. I do want to say that the anonymous ask on lawlitsmeee’s tumblr was mine. The one about him being a dick. I actually forgot about him and hadn’t seen his beautiful comeback. I’m kind of suspicious of him now, he did post a quote on his tumblr after her death about not feeling guilt. That’s… Weird to say the least..


  10. She was murdered. I hope bangladesh police will investigate this. Ans is already so wrong the same university made the autopsy. Justice for her. And for the killer or killers, there is one thing call it: karma! And no paradise for them. They will pay it in the other life. Justice for her. And lets make noise. Her lif matter.


  11. Applause for the fantastic investigation you have conducted. I agree with the points you have marked up.

    I am a crime fanatic. I only do and always watch crime episodes. It helps my negative perceptions and paranoid personality. I also have been following this story.

    Seerat would be the one who could give a clue to unfold the last events of Rau’s life. my strongest bet yet,. There is so much controversy in this that i dont know if ever we will find out what truly happened.

    – bangladeshi authorities are battling a negative media frenzy while obviously trying to mask the murder.
    – effects the tourism
    – Effects expat students travelling to bangladesh
    – Bad reputation for college
    – team from maldives police- The most corrupt- another mask on the mask for sure. With many other factors in effect; i still hope that the truth comes out soon. and the murderer pays for what he did.


  12. ‘Was Seerat identifying Raudha to someone with her comment?’

    You should note that the Irfan guy was tagged to that thread by Raudha, if you look closely at your screenshot of that thread. It appears to be Raudha letting Irfan know of Seerat’s account, perhaps in response to a conversation they had on some other platform, happens quite often.


  13. Why is everyone trying to find the murderer. This is real life. This story doesnt end when murderer is found. This story is another episode of events occuring in this community. Whats wrong! BE SMART. See into its root cause and not the result nor accomplices. Where is the regulatory authorities. Where is Gender Ministry. What was neglected. What a short term thinking community.

    Try to learn lessons. Try our best to prevent such cases from occuring in the future. Maldivians has high incident rate and higher probability of getting victimised in violence and murder where ever we go. Let it be include Maldivians in India. Srilanka or Maldives etc.


  14. Just read the first part of this article and i don’t know why her followings are a concern here. There are so many other ways her followings would’ve gone down. If someone deactivated their account her followers could go down. And now there’s an Insta option where u could remove ur followers from the list. No disrespect but I’m pre sure that people won’t find it insteresting when a dead persons’ account is following them.


  15. Hello. I just wanted to express a few thoughts after reading your blogs. I commend you for what you are doing; such an initiative will be very helpful for healing within the community as well for the parents when they are looking for answers and need to feel that they’ve done everything they can. After such a tragic event, in the long run that will help them gain closure too. Due to my profession, dealing with mental health issues in youth, I have been following the story since we heard of it here in North America. Despite what your critics say, I also admire how readily you accept when you are wrong and correct your errors in order to keep the public accurately informed. I am a true believer in free speech and I don’t think anyone should exercise self-censorship just for the fear of offending someone if it is not in a deliberately abusive way. However, in light of all this there is one point I would like to make- that is for you to consider the psychological effects it might have on some of the individuals named in your blogs, with no direct indubitable evidence against them as of yet. These are young individuals and if they are her genuine friends and also mourning at this time, and if it turns out had nothing to do with what happened, to have their names mentioned in such an accusatory way or regarded with any form of suspicion especially in such a public platform for thousands to see, in my opinion might inflict long-lasting psychological trauma on them. We can’t really know or judge exactly how someone is feeling, what emotions they might be experiencing, how well they are dealing with it or what help they have at hand. So we can’t tell them to just ‘man up!’. These individuals might not be from your community and you might not have met them before, but treat them with the same respect and honor them the same privacy deserved, until proven guilty. So, I would like you to take into regard, the possible implications of the public parading of names of individuals based on speculations and who’s implication in the case are not yet verified. But it would be good if you could communicate with police or the family about what your inklings are, so that they are kept informed and aided in the investigation. Thanks for your time reading the comment and hope your mission to help the family and the community in this time of grief and shock will be fruitful.


  16. There are multiple media reports that states Raudha felt sick on the night of her death. It seems many students saw her go out to the College Hospital to see a Doc as she was vomiting. The College authority did not allow Raudha’s Family to meet the Doc Raudha consulted with nor did they allow her family to see the prescription the Doc gave. What do they want to hide? Other reports states a ‘Friend’ had previously ‘mixed some sleeping pills with Raudha’s Juice’… Could it be that this same ‘Friend’ mixed some sort of a sleeping pill that made her vomit and eventually knocked her out after she returned from seeing the Doc? It would have definitely been easier to Hang a person under the influence of a strong sleeping pill who had been knocked out. First of all, If Raudha was strangled while awake, I’m sure there would have been a huge commotion and loads of other physical evidence of a struggle… probably even scratch marks on the person perpetrating such a crime and DNA evidence under Raudha’s nails. I would think a more plausible scenario (If it was actually a murder) would be that Raudha was drugged and then hanged once the would be murderer was sure that Raudha would not put up a struggle. This sort of a scenario would leave minimal evidence. The only way to confirm such a scenario would be through an autopsy & a toxicology report. And even as of now, the autopsy of Raudha has been very controversial, especially as her family feels that the autopsy wasn’t handled by independent Doctors. And that the autopsy was performed in the presence of a Professor from her University, who obviously had the interest of the University to consider.

    Another thing… this ‘friend’ of hers seems very preoccupied with wearing the Hijab, even sharing a post that states “Don’t let your last day on earth be the first day you wear Hijab” above a picture of a wrapped up dead woman. We all know that Raudha didn’t wear the Hijab, though it seems she did when she went into her classes as required by the dress code of her University. Could she have been murdered for the way she dressed? Or for being a beautiful Muslim Model? We all know that some extremists cannot stand to see Intelligent, successful, beautiful and intelligent Muslim Women living a life of their own choosing.

    People do commit suicide when faced with distressing situations… But as far as her family & friends are aware, Raudha was happy and enjoying her life, looking forward to the great opportunities that had suddenly come her way coz of her beauty. There are just too many questions and not enough answers…..


  17. BTW she may have been drugged before she was hanged. Then the cause of death would still appear the same. Since, the autopsy was carried out by the same University as she was studying in, they could have easily manipulated her blood tests and more importantly, have a motive to do so. This is more feasible than a total cover-up by the police. Also, don’t know why they would have the tests and autopsy carried out at the same university, since there most definitely will be conflict of interest.


  18. Muju you have done an extreamly good research. The first instant I hard the incident I had a feeling this must be a murder.


  19. Muju, would like to discuss your research, i have some confusions. one is that her account is deactivated & some followers missing. How did you search her followers when raudha account was blocked & found the missing girl seeratj_parveen? Or you captured these shots before raudha account was blocked? Based on what you decide?


  20. The User irfan_hasham definitely seems like an extremist’s account. I wonder if anyone has any insights into what he has been posting on Instagram.


  21. You have misspelled seerat_parveen_mohammad as seerat_parveen_mohammed with an ‘ed’ instead of ‘ad’ so she would not obviously show up in Raudha’s follow list.

    Same for irfan_hasham as you misspelled his name as irhan_hashim hence not being able to see him on Raudha’s follow list.

    You had also not mentioned the comment in which Raudha had tagged both of these people in her reply saying lolol


  22. Points I would like to highlight

    Your post have some valid points, but others highlight your lack of technical know how and some are just pure speculation.

    I am also of the opinion that the cause of her death is questionable.

    Unless it is a very professional hit, setting up a homicide as suicide by hanging is extremely challenging, and if the police properly investigates instead of just aiming for closure they would be able to distinguish between them. (The marks left by ligature, direction and magnitude of force during and after death will be different. If it was a single person he would need to pin the body to a surface to strangle someone, if more than one and she was subdued it would leave some marks, she would have hit or scratched the person (unless fingernails were cleaned and knuckles were wiped and maybe massaged to prevent blood clotting after death; would leave some clues) etc.)

    Hanging up a dead body especially by a single person is difficulty, even more so depending on the persons psychological condition after the murder. Depending on the duration of death it will lead to telltale signs during Livor mortis (can relatively easily identify if body was moved after death)

    If the fists were semi-clenched that the norm during rigor mortis post mortem, and doesn’t mean that they were clenched during death. Depending on how hard it was clenched, it may be a different story.

    You were dismissive of the profile description ” I’ll even rape her dead body if she commits suicide” as the norm of the internet but your reaction to “prepare for your hereafter” is “sent a chill down my spine”. This is not only a fundamental principle in all religions but the driving factor behind why people believe in and follow a religion. You have a warped sense of reality.

    Reading your post, it was evident that you had drawn your conclusion before, you started to seek an answer. Hypocritical of someone whose basis for the article was corruption/ineffectual investigation by police.

    Want to highlight a lot more, but nobody wants a comment longer than the blog post.


  23. After going through some stuff wanted to share what i saw.. I checked the facebook profile of the friend Seerat.. And one of her picture’s caption struck me deep…. “Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.”
    So like if there is a chance .. as people say. U never know maybe the people most close to you stab you in the back at the end..


  24. who ever tried to portray this as a suicide thought that ll protect their reputation. They thought it ll buy them a safe heaven.But vhat they do not know is portraying this as a suicide gives an even vorse image to the uni.

    If indeed it as a sucide, that means Someone who vas so happy in Maldives goes to Bangladesh UNI, lives on campus and commits suicide. Speaks volume of the environment and pressure (housing, admin issues etc) inside the uni, specially given the fact she lived on campus. If lived outside they can blame the neighborhood or some bad friends. But when living on campus, it is the uni students and it is mainly the uni. It is a very bad image to the uni that someone had to change so much after going to live on campus. Someone ho vas so happy and vanted to be a doctor become suicidal. Someone vho vanted to become a doctor (after compromising a modeling career at teenage)

    Furthermore, lets look at it from the mind of an Islamic Scholar (maybe not necessarily a point from Islam). Not long ago someone (a vahabee) told me that a woman’s mind is in line vith her dad or husband’s or any other man in the house (in this case the lecture or the dean of UNI). So according to this the man over there should be more responsible for her actions, sp the dean.

    Bottom line, if this vas a suicide the police needs to go and investigate this uni. Vhat type of material are they teaching, hat type of teachers are they. Are the teachers not giving marks fairly. Are the teachers discriminating some students who come from small islands ? Is this the reason which pushes a happy go teenager to commit suicide after 1 year at the uni at age 20. Furthermore, Maldives needs to take a stand. Where is the female education Minister of this country, if she can not ask these questions at the time a girl dies, this is not women empowerment. There is more women empowerment vith a male minister who can ask these questions in order to protect future Maldivian girls who go to overseas universities. women need to highlight these issues in the next elections instead of hoping to get one or 2 ministerial seats reserved for them.


  25. From the screenshot of the comments, it is obvious that “irfan_hasham” was talking TO “raudhaathif” when he asks “Is that her account?” and thanks her.
    The fact is obvious since it is “raudhaathif” herself that appears to have tagged both “irfan_hasham” and “seerat” in the comment right above that. The author of this blog appears to have missed this crucial fact.
    No deleted comments theory is required to make sense of it.

    Also the correct spelling for that name appears to be “irfan_hasham” with an “a” before “m”, not “irfan_hashim”.

    The search for “irfan_hashim” in raudhaathif’s followers and following lists, yielded zero results, most probably because of the wrong spelling.


  26. What really bothers me is the posts she liked just weeks prior on twitter.

    “No matter how successful someone is, if they feel isolated from the world due to the noise in their head, they’re never going to be happy.”

    The meme about school being too hard and her #brb dying meme”
    and the post she liked that just made me cry was –

    – The post by satan that says ” I don’t hate you, I just wish you were dead”


  27. Faharehgga raudha facebook aburaa libidhaane reset kohllaa mobile number ah . can take the same number and reset the password


  28. They said Raudha went to see a doctor that night as she had stomachaches and vomiting. My question is WHY WOULD A GIRL WHO WANTED TO DIE GO TO DOCTOR FOR CURE. THAT TOO, THE SAME NIGHT. I also find it odd that the parents didn’t have permission to check the prescription.


  29. After reading i see this as a radical religious case. This is one reason you just dont send your daughters and sons to communities you dont know without guardianship and security. Its like sending a lil lion cub into the wild where wilderness exists between same species! I feel families need to learn about these and stop being careless about their children who stops being looked as “Children” even at the age of 10 or so. The same applies for youths who got murdered on the streets of Male’ and children below 6 got murdered by Maldivian born mothers (Baby Ibthihaal) is no different from what happened to innocent Raudha (RiP). FAMILIE AND PARENTS OF THIS GENERATION has been and is neglecting children in various fashion. Its a disease of Mind within this Community.


  30. I noticed it too. I also saw that Seerat posted on Raudha’s timeline the night she died. She posted something in Punjabi and when I translated, it said ” I love you”. What bothered me was she posting it the night Raudha died.


  31. Have you also noticed the picture on the FB profile of Raudha’s friend (the one that blocked her on instagram).
    3 days before the death of Raudah, she posted a picture of her and Raudah.. and in the comments you can see that Raudah wrote something like “hahah” and her friend answered with” Bro I knocked at your door. You texted and then disappeared”.


  32. Excellent work!! I applaud you for this piece of investigation. It really is quite interesting and I do believe you found some real evidence here.

    The fact that after this report, Raudha’s instagram account was deactivated proves you are on to something.

    I hope Raudha gets justice!


  33. I also noticed some of those stuff mentioned in this post. One more thing I noticed is that, the night which she died at 21.29 seerath parveen posted something which she said is in Punjabi language and raudha even commented on it the same night at 23.12 and one minute after that seerath replied also. This post has now disappeared and it was there and I happen to take a screen shot. Why is she deleting all her posts and by the way seerath is still on raudhas FB . I don’t know how to upload a picture here other wise I can share it here.


  34. Maju Naeem, I cannot THANK YOU enough for starting this blog.
    Raudha being a model and surrounded by crazy fundamentalists, it was just a matter of time when something like this would happen.
    HOW to prove something in a corrupted country with mental people (extremists)?! The only solution is outside investigator. We have to continue raising the voice to help that happen!!


  35. Too many unanswerred questions. Where was the body when Police arrived. No one even knows it. Just read what Bangaldeshi newspaper wrote.

    05:02 PM, March 29, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 03:42 PM, April 02, 2017

    The dead, Raudha Athif, 20, was a second year student of the medical college, reports our correspondent quoting police.

    “Being informed by the college authorities, police found the body hanging from a ceiling fan with a long scarf in her dorm room,” Ifthekhaer Alam, assistant commissioner of Police, Rajshahi circle, told The Daily Star.


    12:00 AM, March 30, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:11 PM, March 30, 2017

    “Her classmates saw the body hanging from the ceiling fan with a scarf tied to the neck, said Zillur Rahman, officer-in-charge (OC) of Shah Makhdum Police Station.

    One of them cut the scarf with a knife and took the body down, believing she was alive, he added.


  36. So far the most informative article on raudha’s death. Thank you for the post and paryers to Raudha and her family. Hope the Maldivian authorities excercise their right to get justice for Raudha.


  37. When you search Raudha’s account it seems you had typed the name wrongly in two occassions
    1. seerath_parveen_mohammad. Not Mohammed
    2. irfan_hasham. Not Hashim


  38. I would like to give my hypothesis on the clenched fists. It indeed seems very strange that during strangling when hanging a person would end up with a clenched fist. It is more likely that she was administered some sort of drug. Most probably a paralysing agent, this would make it easy for a strangle death as evidenced by the hand print on the neck. The clenched fist is a indication of very minimum level of bodily control, as she must have been trying to apply a log of force to gain back control of her body.

    This is compounded by the fact that this happened within a medical university campus, where the knowhow and means are not too far to fetch.

    MAY ALL be free of deciet and danger.


  39. If you have a private instagram account and you unfollow someone, it will make your profile disappear from their following list. So its not really blocking.


  40. Ur investigating skills are extra ordinary. Im pretty sure even the maldives police service also can never investigate a case this much with so much detail. This is how investigations are really done. Proud of ur hard work and thank you so much for revealing so much about ur findings.


  41. reflecting to the article….. someone in depression can be seen as the happiest person right before a suicide, it is kind of way of them saying goodbye. the last picture she posted was birds flying. it could mean something as well. (but i am not an expert) this is what i hear the experts say,
    but then again its hard to believe from the pic I have seen after her death it was a suicide. i am sure the forensic ppl would be able to describe better a person who hangs themselves would look different. from what I hear the characteristics are very different. I am hoping this group of investigators would be able to find more..
    Hope the family and loves ones would be able to get closure and may allah give them strength on this hard time.


  42. What about her boyfriend? Someone commented on her photo that he cheated on her! Sorry I couldn’t take a screenshot! I never thought someone will deactivate her account!


  43. Raudha had tagged the irfan_hasham guy in her comment before he comments. If she wasnt following him, i am wondering if she knew him? Or? That part confuses me


  44. They are medical students. And they would know how a suicide and murdered hanging would differentiate. Like the joint dislocation areas and how it would appear outside. Wont be hard for seerat to murder her and make it look like a suicide. They took their own time and did it in the way they wanted. But then what about the students who were up studying for their exams? Didn’t they notice anything unusual? Is everyone there involved in this?


  45. cant we pressurize the authorities back at Bangladesh for these unanswered questions? Such as finger print? DNA? and the permission of an independent autopsy? Or the fact that her social account is still active even though she is no longer alive.
    And it doesn’t make any sense that her “friend” denied to make a statement. I would definitely voice out if my friend died in such a conspicuous manner. I would never fall back unless I have something to hide or I am afraid of something.


  46. What about the Maldivian girl Najaa Fayz? She has mentioned about seeing raudha around 11pm. And raudha asking for laptop and najaa couldn’t lend because no charge. Where the hell is her charger? Cant she lend it with charger? No charge is that an excuse? Raudha has her own laptop. Why would she ask for someone else’s? Why didn’t naja question about it? Are the other Maldivians there under a threat? Why aren’t they speaking up?


  47. Hello! Update! her instagram account is now gone! Someone deleted it so most definitely has access to it!
    Either they used her thumb print after she died to access her phone and change the password in her account.
    iPhones also have the feature of savinv up to more than 1 thumb print on a device. Someone she may have trusted may have had their thumb print already saved.
    People the truth is coming out! This is far to fishy! As soon as Naeems post went up hours later the entire instagram disappeared.
    Killers if you are reading the truth always comes out. It may take years but it will.


  48. Maybe someone has access to her Facebook ? If so then accessing Instagram is simple . You should check her Facebook profile .


  49. Please keep posting and updating. If anyone has any ANY mean of making this viral enough to grab attention of important people who can perhaps reopen the case or do literally ANYTHING for justice to her, please do….
    She would never kill herself. Never.


  50. Have the investigators dusted the scene for prints? That should considerably narrow down the suspect list, or even find the culprit outright. Assuming they weren’t wearing gloves.


  51. Buffalov = buffalo
    Bhainas = buffalo in Urdu

    Rau is calling Seerat a Buffalo
    and Seerat called Rau a Cow.

    Just teasing I guess.


  52. Whn a human being dies it takes 3 to 4 hrs to start the rigor motis.. n the body stiffs as the way as it is.. so the question is hw she had hang her self in the ceiling fan keeping her fist closed.. and the other question is how the victim her self can try to strangulate the neck herself which leaves a huge mark on her neck? Cx when a person tries to harm by self it won’t gv the same pressure as a 2nd person cn gv..
    On the otherhand reports are saying that she was enjoying her dinner even.. if a person is stressed or depressed he/she wont b enjoying her surrounding well.. so thrs no questions tht she wl b thinking such a way to conclude her life..

    V cnt even assume how her family wl b dealing with such a situation..


  53. Maju Naeem, thank you so very much for this blog post. I feel like many people felt something extraordinarily suspicious about this case.
    To me, the fact that there is a pattern of similar deaths, reports of harassment, and criminals getting imprisoned in the very same area/school – is a dead giveaway this isn’t a case of coincidences.
    I hope Raudha’s soul may rest in peace, in Islam we know that death is not the end. I hope her killers are given their punishment in this life and the next. I hope on the Day Of Judgement, God will let her walk out of heaven before them and testify what they did to her.


  54. I do not believe she committed suicide either. Other than the apparent evidence, such as the hand marks on her neck and her fists being clenched, the whole incident just reeks of loose ends.

    I think you’ve brought up a very important and significant point about there being similar cases of supposed “suicides” in Bangladesh.

    Thank you, Muju. For taking the time to seek out the truth.


  55. Muju, all very good work. I have read about these hacking to death of people in Bangladesh in Guardian around two years or so ago.

    Now, I also wonder, could all of these be coincidence? For eg. her friend trying to take t he picture down because she actually doesn’t want to see her friend like that. Or refusing to talk to anyone because this is the first time something like this happened, etc?

    I also feel like there is something that we don’t know about, but that is all based on the inconsistencies in what the police are saying. Could it be that the police (like ours) are just so incompetent that they just make comments here and there without thinking?

    As I said when I started it is all very good and you and the internet hivemind are unearthing lots of unanswered questions.

    I am just trying to imagine, ok, there are all of these things, but what if it was a suicide?


  56. Well researched and sensibly written . I must admit to checking her face book account after I read of her sudden demise to gauge her mental status and none of the posts on her fb suggested that she was going through any sort of trauma or confusion or depression as claimed in some reports except the fact that she was reading a lot of inspirational quotes and we all do that at most times in our lives .. she was such a beautiful girl with a budding career in modelling and had all doors open to pursue the chosen professional career choice of a doctor and I wish the authorities would investigate this more responsibly to find out what really happened to her . It sounds too much of a believeable coincidence the recent arrest and prevailing extremism that’s been noted in media which is associated with the college. May she rest in peace and may the parents find solace in knowing that the authorities are investigating the case to find the truth and may they find a peaceful closure


  57. I’m no murder investigator but if there was indeed an impression of a hand on her neck as you described, then how can the police just dismiss it as being her own? Could individual fingers even be distinct if she held it over a scarf as she was hanging? Wouldn’t the pressure from the scarf take precedence? And why would she grab her neck in that way if she regretted doing it? Wouldn’t you grab the scarf in such a situation and not the neck in a strangulation hold? Even if it looked like a suicide in every other aspect, isn’t this direct evidence to the contrary? How large was the hand? Is there evidence that it was Raudha’s own? Why did the police deny that there were marks on her neck consistent with strangulation?

    I can’t imagine how angry and frustrated her family must be dealing with all these questions. They need answers. We need answers. I really hope the autopsy report gets leaked somehow. Then maybe we can learn how they concluded their investigation.


    1. Hi, I of course don’t know for sure, but in countries such as Bangladesh it’s much easier to bury the truth by bribing officials. The school, or the killers may have offered a hefty sum to keep it quiet for reputations sake or to avoid consequences.


  58. Thank You !!Thank You!! Thank You!!!!

    You are absolutely correct in your logic and the only retribution is to get this information exposed.

    Please keep posting!!!

    This corruption must stop– we can’t bring lives back, but hopefully exposing the truth at least might prevent more of this evil from happening!

    Please don’t let your voice be silenced!!


    1. Their accounts aren’t disabled. Check it for yourself. So the only way they get removed from the follow list is if they block her, considering that their accounts are still active.


    2. But he clearly did search those people out of her follow list and could easily find them right? Hence that proves that their accounts werent disable or deactivated.


  59. You seem to have a point but the missing followers could be just two people who might have decided to delete their instagram accounts but on the other hand it could be as you say.


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