On a daily basis I get accused for attempting to spread atheism in the Maldives so I felt it was important that I go on record regarding the issue.

So, let’s get a few things straight here.

  1. I don’t preach  to convert people to atheism or anything else for that matter. My social media is very public. Anyone can go and check the exact content of what I have shared to verify this. 
  2. I have shared my views on things which I believe to be important. Some of those views of mine may have been in conflict with deeply held views of religious people of different faiths. The things I have shared are mostly science based content and ideas which addresses verifiable facts and truth about the natural world. This isn’t an attempt to destroy someone else’s beliefs. I try to educate people about the natural world as much as I can and will continue to do so. It’s religious people who seem to think that somehow me sharing facts is anti-religious and preaching atheism. This is very dishonest of the people that accuse me to spin it this way.
  3. I am not delusional to even attempt to change people who hold strong positions of faith in religion. To even attempt something like this would be madness. This is also a false accusation. Muslims, in their various denominations and sects, number is 1.4 billion in the world, I am just one. It’s an unfair contest, and I don’t participate in such activities.
  4. I love science. And I am a self described science popularizer. It’s just the best way to understand the world and everything around us. I share my passion for science with my followers on social media because I think its of value to my audience. People who don’t like science have no business coming around my social media. If they do, they are just creating their uncomfortable feelings themselves. I can’t do anything about it.
  5. I am genuinely concerned about Islamist extremist violence and I think we should have an honest conversation about it. People are dying every day in the name of religion and it has to stop. Starting a conversation about it is an honest attempt to address the issue.
  6. I support secularism because I think not doing so opens up space for abuse of religion for political purposes. Secularism in merely the seperation of the state from religion. Its not a religion itself. In the specific case of Islam, it has 72 sects/mazhabs, and a single group attempting to use the legislating bodies or use violence to impose their view on the rest would be bad for everyone. In such an environment, Muslims can’t be the Muslim their conscience wants them to be. Its is mostly the Salafi’s and Wahabbi’s who are pushing this violent agenda and calling them out for it is not an attack on Muslims. It is them who are the loudest and seek to twist the narrative as somehow I am attacking Islam.
  7. Asking me about my trying to prove the existence of God or disapprove the existence of god would not get a response from me. I can’t do neither. At this point in time, I am not qualified for such a task. My talking points are clear and open for everyone to see on my social media.
  8. Calling for the rights of all peoples is important in my view. Human rights is universal and should be for everyone. Athiests, LGBT persons, ExMuslims and people of other beliefs and faiths are also humans and their lives also matter. Calling for beheading people and killing people is wrong and I am making stand on the issue. Human Rights is also not like pie. Where if you give other people their rights, that you somehow loose out on your own rights. This is very narrow kind of thinking.
  9. I am practical and honest about the kind of people that live in my country. I have met Maldivians of all faiths, non-belief and different sexual orientation as well. They exist regardless of what everyone else says. Saying the Maldives is a 100% Muslim country and maintaining the lie doesn’t help anyone. In fact some of these non Muslism that I have met are even in 2nd generation  or even 3rd generation. Blasphemy and apostasy laws shouldnt apply to them. That is cruel and inhumane.
  10. I talk a lot about the issues that impact people regularly. Healthcare, education, housing, a living wage, transportation and freedom of movement are some of the issues to name a few that I am passionate about and care deeply. This is the politics that I engage in. I find it useless to be part ofthe partisan politics that is ruining our country which refuses to address the issues that matter to the people.

Making dishonest claims about me to discredit me with abuse, slander, threats of violence only shows the type of person you are.

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  1. I once told someone about humanity existing before we decide to carry out the death penalty and this guy (it saddens me as he is only two years older than me and gone so far in ignorance) told me that humanity is a word that the western white people created in order to rival islamic beliefs and I’m like “Where in islam do you come from???”

    Its honestly so sad to think that following your conscience and trying to be a good muslim could make you a bad muslim in the eyes of extreme muslims.


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