I am writung this because of comments that I have recieved reagarding the picture of Raudha laying on the bed that I have posted in my Facebook. People who are close to me and who even support my work have questioned my posting the image. I have been accused of posting the picture for cheap likes at the expense of the death of someone so loved my many people  They have even questioned me,  if I would have posted the image had been my own son. To those people I say, I would have still posted the picture even if it was my own son. 

Its all about asking the right questions. Let me explain.

The photo that everyone keeps asking specifically to remove is really important to be made public in my humble opinion. The reason is because most people are not aware how a camera lenses work. The picture is taken from a higher angle through a window by someone who is not in the room. 

The black frame around the picture appears to be a wall/window frame. It’s absolutely black because when the f-stop correctly focus on the right amount of light in the room, the black border appears. Any photographer would be able to confirm this. 

In the top left corner a shoe of a man can be seen. One can argue that it could be the police in the room after the body was brought down from it’s original hanging position. Or it could be someone else. The photo just doesn’t give enough details. Obviously the image is taken in the morning. We can tell this by looking at the back window which has light streaming through. 

Who took the picture and why? I came into possession of the image after it was being shared in a chat group on a messaging app. So the picture was already in the public domain. No one else was questioning the image and the circumstances around it’s capture. I thought it important that this issue that was bothering me was highlighted. 

Other information that are important to note is her fist is clenched. Usually when body’s hang, the hand eventually releases itself.  And she is fully dressed. Either she was on her way out, had just come back home. If she had just come back home, it’s like somebody was with her. 

I posted the unaltered image as I received it, so that a professional photographer or an image analyst can study it. 

The photo is not posted for likes or being insensitive. It’s posted because of what I believe to be significant. Attempts to hide the image smells of cover-up in the name of privacy and sensitivity. 

As a free speech absolutionist, I believe even the the topics that are extremely difficult and distressing to some people are still important conversations to have.

Update: new information since the original post

Since I posted the original picture, allowing people more qualified than me to study images and do analysis to study the image, I can confidently say the original hypothesis of the image being taken from a window is proven now to be wrong. 

A Photoshop image analyst has sent me the below image which appears to confirm that the photo is actually taken from another phone that had the image. 

At least that’s one mystery about the image that’s is solved. Having said that, the significance of image still remains unchanged as it shows how she was dressed at the time the body was found and her clenched fists and other vital information. 

New update: new picture of crime scene

Image posted by Raajje Mv news article. Click image for source.

Edit: Getting the original photo

The original picture. Sent in by an anonymous Twitter user.

T​his post will get updated when and if new information is available.


  1. I don’t think a beautiful woman would kill herself for a boy…there’s more to this I happen to see this on YouTube immediately the image look like murder


  2. I am from America. I used to talk to her all the time on Snapchat. I found out about 2 days ago she died and the Snapchat hasn’t been opened yet. I also think, especially because of the country she is in, they’re hiding her death. She did not kill herself.


  3. Does not she have any pillows to sleep on her bed ?
    It is misplaced. The police needs to release the pics from her room, because obviously the independent young people have done more investigation on this case than the professional journalist and representatives.

    The chunk of this mystery has been solved by the youth on the internet (who are not getting paid for this and who are probably jobless). May Allah bless these youth for the journey they have taken to unveil the truth.

    Once again, I repeat , the police needs to release the pics. Some Maldivian Police are currently in Bangladesh to investigate, I hope they demand for pictures and escalate this issue. I also call upon Maldivian government to suspend license of Maldivian dodgy businessman who bring in Bangladeshi workers for every single thing.

    On another note: I am not a very secular person but unlike others I thank you for sharing this picture. In Islam the victim has a right for justice and her Kashmir friends should not hinder it in the name of “respecting the dead”. I sav in your previous post a screenshot of the post by the Kasmir friend. She addresses to Rauda’s family and friends. Why is she addressing Rauda’s family and telling them hov to treat their daughter. It is the family’s right to address the public (which includes the nov self unfriended Kashmiri ex-friend). Not the other vay round, Kashmiri Ex (who blocked a demised Rauda on Instagram)


  4. The only issue i find here is that why are her hands closed?

    her feet is cold and not bending and looks like suicide.

    But it is her closed hands which is the issue for me. Shouldn’t it be open? also the hands will get cold soon after the person has died.

    This looks like murder and very well executed murder because it is a foreigner.

    If you go into raudha’s facebook then you can see she has “United Atheists” in a page she liked or so?

    And this article is more sickening to understand the state of bangladesh



  5. I would like to give my hypothesis on the clenched fists. It indeed seems very strange that during strangling when hanging a person would end up with a clenched fist. It is more likely that she was administered some sort of drug. Most probably a paralysing agent, this would make it easy for a strangle death as evidenced by the hand print on the neck. The clenched fist is a indication of very minimum level of bodily control, as she must have been trying to apply a log of force to gain back control of her body.

    This is compounded by the fact that this happened within a medical university campus, where the knowhow and means are not too far to fetch.

    MAY ALL be free of deciet and danger.


  6. Compare the pic of her room posted by raajje mv news article and the pic of her on her bed. Notice the chair? Wasnt it moved? It seems like it was turned back or something. Every single detail is important.


  7. I don’t understand why no one thought that this picture was taken in a different setup. This could be after the police entered the room, brought her down to the bed from the hanging position and probably closed the curtains as well,
    In this case anyone who enetred the room could take the picture ( could be police / hostel incharge etc)


  8. I once tried to kill my self with a bedsheet , i tied it on the fan , as i jumped of from the chair, one of the wing got slanted, due to sudden impact of weight , i must have weighted 28 back than . But her fan seems to be all okey , seems like a somebody murdered her.

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    1. First, there was no reason to kill herself. Second, she was killed. by someone who knew her. If you studied Legal and Forensic Medicine in Europe, you would know the difference between homicide and suicide.


  9. it was said by her collegeues, chair was on bed with pillow on the chair, than why is the chair lying on the floor, and why is there a quilt on the floor folded.
    If chair was on bed why did they move it, threw it to the ground isn’t that messing up the scene. 🤔
    And chair on bed and all doesn’t make sense, as bed is not under the fan.
    And how they see through window when curtains are drawn.
    I feel like quilt on ground, chair on it, two pillows on it… that only makes sense looking at the scene.


  10. She might have even committed suicide. Her family is separated. Her father Athif had recently got married to a a doctor. And god know how depressed she must be. Its just a nother theory. Keep an open mind.


    1. Bob, half of Maldives has divorced parents. Besides if it was something that happened in her family, most likely she d be upset while around her family in Maldives and commit suicide in Maldives not in Bangladesh.

      Still respect your opinion and thanks for the alternative (another) theory. And Bob dear, “a nother” is another and it is a capital G for “God “


  11. So man, are you sure that’s a picture taken through a window? Cos to me, it looks like a picture of a phone screen with that picture on it. By exposing the screen properly, everything around the screen is darker, which is why you can’t see anything beyond the screen.

    The angle is not high enough to be a window. It looks like a reasonably tall person (who was in the room) with a relatively wide angle lens took the picture. And the shape of the ‘window’, looks to be the aspect ratio of a phone screen. You might also notice a few cracks around the edges of the screen, with the screen protector coming loose in places. So, I think, you’re either just thick, or you wanted the attention.

    And man, no right is absolute, that’s just the nature of rights. Your rights end, when your exercise of it infringes on someone else’s rights. Something I had hoped someone so adamantly fighting for people’s rights (which I honestly, genuinely, really really appreciate) would know without having to be told.


  12. This is something really deep and serious in this case, try to gather some more info about this.. Investigation departments mostly cover cases like this from the public..


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