Maldivian Fashion Model Raudha Athif was found dead earlier this morning in what looked like a set up to be a suicide in her hostel dorm room. 

How was this picture taken? Was someone in the room before to take her down? If that’s the case why is that person not in the room when the picture was taken? Where was the police? Who cut her down?

She was a student studying in Bangladesh. He has been featured in such reputable publications like The Vogue. 
It is very important to note that Bangladesh has seen a lot of Islamists attacks and many people have been killed in the last year or so. The modus operandi of such attacks has always been either blatant hacking to death or staging a suicide. 

While we don’t know the details of the events surrounding her death, I refuse to accept that she killed herself. She was known to be a happy person with a bright future and career ahead of her. 
There was no indication that she was depressed or anything like that. She even posted as usual on her Instagram yesterday and the day before as regular. As someone who has almost 30 thousand Instagram followers, her posts spoke of someone who is quite happy with her life. (

I feel it is my responsibility to call for an investigation into her her death which is suspiciously looking like murder. And I hope those who committed the crime will be brought to justice. 

It is important to note that the person who posted about the news on Facebook has now deleted the post. And I question his ending of the announcement. Why does she need to be forgiven? This person would be a good place to start the investigation. 

Her mobile phone would be important for this investigation as she would have received threats or something like that. 
This is not OK. And we must not ever be ok with this.


  1. If she was strangled while awake, killer’s/strangler’s image would be locked in her eyes. Right? If thats the last thing she saw. I dont know. Seen in many criminal series. I just hope there is anyway this could be possible. There must be DNA on her body of other persons if they have touched her. Atleast a hair tresse/sweatdrop/hand and finger prints in the room found / shoes or feet print could lead to the murderer.
    She deserves justice. Everyone does. 😢😢 if not by hook then by crook Maldives Police gotta find the truth and be successful in this case. Crime scene is still there that need to be investigated nicely. If cannot make the suspects speak up use a lie detector. Question them! There is a law where you can get permission from court and use hypnotherapy or a drug that would make anyone blab out the truth when questioned. Not easy ways but we could always try. Unanswered questions/deaths – not cool man. Not cool. There always gota be an answer. Leave no stone unturned. #Raudha deserves justice.


    1. it was like reading a fairy tale- your comment. No. what ever records the human body creates are auto deleted on stopping of brain activity. brain registers eye signals. not eyes.

      Crime scene has been compromised on day 1. With a lot of questions unanswered, i would kidnap this soorath lady (her classmate) and bag her until she sings like a canary. She knows something. why would i feed sleeping pill to my ‘friend’ if it WAS my friend? was she being groomed for a gang rape? and its coincidence that she and her bf broke up just a day or two before this.

      Bangla authorities have been trying to hide the true facts behind the murder- for reason of different types of impact on the socio-economic stand in bangladesh.. even now, not many want to go to bangladesh.

      I would like to open a chapter about extremist extremism in bangladesh. There has been accounts of lot of ladies/girls being both directly and indirectly abused due to cultural and religious thoughts. the abuse often reaching to life threatening accounts where men play the superiors and the all righteous. I wouldnt be shocked if this comes to light either; since Maldivian girls are not as much like those of Bangla/India ladies. both in terms of submissiveness, culture and religion.- all the more reasons to take a personal hit. May her sould rest in piece. May the almighty close the college and burn it to ground if the truth doesnt come out.

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      1. I love fairy tales 🙈 dont know much about crime investigating stuffs. Just wrote my doubts. I guess Bagladesh is hiding the truth cox of the college authorities. If all these news is true then maybe she knew something she shouldnt or someone is just pure jealous and took revenge. Either way all desreves justice.


  2. Shame on ppl who share the kinda stories and photos in the most darkest time for cheap likes! All of the sudden u are now a great detective taking over the case with your weak study, is that your excuse! Now you are saying you’d do the same even it was your son, shows that you are even worse! Nothing but cheap likes, such a shame!


    1. lady- shut your yank or i yank ur undy in your head. you miserable half nitwit non second thought pissoff. This gentlemen here- has done the best detective work- far better than your bangla authorities or the maldivians con police who went there.. A lot is yet to be explained. And may it come out to light- in the best time of weakness so that havoc is easy to spell and spill.

      For now, go to the rock where you came from. Dont remove your nigab


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