I figured it was time to write a post to give an update on the progress of the #fikuryingilaab web video series. As my followers know I am on self exile overseas. I spent the last 4 years based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But since then my visa has expired and I have now moved to another country (as yet undisclosed). 
I have kept my whereabouts secret as much as possible even though eventually a lot of people figured it out over time. It was important that the secret was maintained for my safety. I will be continuing to keep my new location undisclosed for the time being. 

Meanwhile, all this moving about has left with an inconsistent internet connection that I cannot depend on for something like #fikuryingilaab. Therefore it seems unfair to crowd fund a program that cannot maintain a consistent publishing schedule. 

This doesn’t mean I will not be making videos. It just means I will not be crowd funding my videos for now. I enjoyed making the videos and I will be looking forward to making more videos – in time. 

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank those who believed in my work enough to put their own money in my work. I was humbled by it. And I cannot thank you enough for it. 

I also feel that my work proved a point that, such work can be crowd funded in the Maldives to be independent from people with influence, power and vested interest. I hope more people will realize the potential of this and consider crowd funding a legitimate option to get your work into the public sphere. 

Having said that, I am extremely disappointed and sad that I was not able to proceed with some of the works I planned to do. Namely the video translation works of Crash Course video series. I am now filing that away as future project that demands me to revisit at a later date. Hopefully it would be sooner than later. 

Catch you all laters. I will be back. 

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