12th post on analytics and audience. Data is from https://www.facebook.com/mujunaeem. This is made public to register what the audience size was at the end of this week.

Some notes:
– Engagement and growth steadily increasing. Reactions to the work so far is net positive.


This information is provided for my employers benefit:

Data post 11: http://bit.ly/2hSfpTu
Data post 10: http://bit.ly/2imBvyB
Data post 9: http://bit.ly/2gV9uMD
Data post 8: http://bit.ly/2gLb6VZ
Data post 7: http://bit.ly/2hEwJvE
Data post 6: http://bit.ly/2gsyCtR
Data post 5: http://bit.ly/2gJ6XTs
Data post 4: http://bit.ly/2heATrq
Data post 3: http://bit.ly/2fSxZuX
Data post 2: http://bit.ly/2gSNHDG (has introduction)
Data post 1: http://bit.ly/2fSkV9c

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This post was originally published on Facebook.

This information is provided for my employers benefit.
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