I was watching this video from Haveeru titled “One day with President Waheed”.

After watching the video I wanted to share a belief that I have now. Buy the Waheed this video proves that Waheed is not the right president that the people need now. Probably not ever.

I have said this before, and I am saying this now, President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) did a lot more things in his presidency before the coup than any other Maldivian President. But he made a fatal mistake in having a crappy press department which had a terrible communication plan.

This time Nasheed should create a weekly video blog of his work along with his weekly Radio speech.

The failure of that communication with the public was exploited by his opponents to bring his government down. Afterall he was executing his very important “fas vaudhu” at the time.

My advice to Nasheed this time around would be to fix this fatal flaw in his government. He needs to understand that even though his relations/friendship with Mohamed Zuhair is important, he just does not have the vision to do the type of work that needs to be done.

Zuhair can remain in the team, but new blood with new vision to do the right presidential communications would go a long way towards a successful historical game changing Nasheed presidency in the Maldives.

Nasheed could also execute a lot of great awareness programs of his policies, his work, how it affects the peoples lives. Such a program would show the people the difference of living in a proper democracy as opposed to dictatorial hardships.

Nasheed’s Facebook photo album does a good job of documenting his life. And this is a good start. But it does not do the type of communication I am talking about. This is not neccesarily Public Relations either.

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