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Google quietly rolls out multiple account sign-in for YouTube and publishes a help article on 16th October 2012, two days after this article was written.

Whether you are a single brand with multiple YouTube Channels or a professional online marketer managing multiple YouTube channels for various clients, there are important instances where a user has to sign into various YouTube channels as part of our work.

YouTube does not allow for a single account to create multiple channels. If a content provider has various types of content, that wouldn’t sit well together, then that content provider must create multiple channels by creating multiple accounts on YouTube.

As a marketer, another problem that hinders my productivity is, while Google and YouTube does not allow creating multiple channels, their current setup does not allow one to multiple login into different channels for the marketer to manage either.

But this is not a service that Google is new to. Google currently allows multiple account login to Gmail and some of its other services.

My issues is not wanting to create multiple channels using a single account, but rather the ability to manage multiple channels (created from multiple accounts) in a single one-stop place.

Applications like TweetDeck or Social Sprout allows users to manage various Twitter accounts or Various Facebook profiles or pages in a single place, there is no simple one off application that allows a user to manage multiple YouTube channels.

This lack of applications, hinders the productivity of the marketer by limiting his ability to manage those channels in a single place.

With the current YouTube setup, the marketer is forced, sign in and sign out of individual channels to manage their work, loosing valuable time and creating unnecessary effort for the marketer.

It has been discussed over and over on various forums and blogs posts about YouTube inability to create multiple channels on a single account. If YouTube does not want to change its policy on this matter, there is not much us users can do about it.

But to find a solution to this problem, someone somewhere needs to build an application for multiple channel management for YouTube.

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