I have been blogging on the Tumblr platform for more than an year now, and I have great affection for the platform. Its ease of use is second to none. But with the blog and its short form style came many limitations. It simply was not customizable enough for my liking.

But I stuck with Tumblr because its not an easy thing to change your blog. Migrating all your content to the new platform is a considerable task and not one to be taken lightly.

But I have finally gotten around to it and moved on to a WordPress blog.  The am very happy with the new design and its features, especially the Responsive Web Design which makes viewing my blog on any screen size a real pleasure.

With the new blog, I have featured prominently, my Services, because I am slowly looking to take freelance consultancy work doing online brand management for companies that really need the help. After all there are many businesses out there that would benefit from some solid marketing strategies designed to increase customer engagement, sales and brand value.

Image by Raphaël Quicksil7er

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