The Job

Beginning from a humble clinic which opened in 1987, ADK Hospital has grown to become the largest private hospital in the Maldives. As the first private hospital in the Maldives, ADK Hospital revolutionized health care and medical services in the country by setting high standards in the sector and by complementing the public health service and government hospital.

ADK Hospital commissioned the development of a modern website to Semicolon as a full-service project providing expert advisory, design and development services.

Bringing hospital information to your fingertips

From the get-go we focused on creating an effective web strategy for ADK Hospital.

Focus services on the project;

  1. Online strategy
  2. User research
  3. Information architecture
  4. Visual design and branding
  5. Usability testing
  6. Content strategy
  7. Custom content management system
  8. Web development

Aim: To improve access to hospital information through a comprehensive web design!

Read the full article on Semicolon’s Backyard blog.

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