I just launched a Facebook Page called Dhivehi YouTube Videos;

This page is born out of a Facebook group I ran a bit earlier here;

I wanted to evolve the group into a Page because I wanted to share the potentially great content and conversations with a bigger audience.

The page also aims to provide a links database and discussions on Videos on YouTube with a Dhivehi/Maldivian Origin or Theme.If every fan of this page submitted by direct message to the page to shared at-least one Dhivehi YouTube video that means something to them [OR NOT] and gave a brief little explanation why they are sharing the video, this Page will publish it under our name and provide the contobutor credit for discovering the gem or submmiting it first.If we can build such a community we would have done our purpose of supporting Dhivehi YouTube Broadcasters, and given them an audience to bootIn addition to that, it is simply to pass the time and to have a good time with friends and like minded individuals.Visit the page to laugh at the really bad ones, be entertained by the really funny ones, praise the really good ones, and discuss the really controversial ones.

If you feel inclined to say something, say it here;

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