I just read the article on Maldives.net.mv about MMPRC’s attempt to trend on twitter and wanted to share my thoughts about it.

This is simply ridiculous. Trending on twitter is a great marketing tool if utilized well. But MMPRC does not say how they propose to make it happen. They are simply “just inviting” people to tweet #sunnysideoflife without offering anything in return. That’s not going to happen.

They should at least offer a Maldives holiday to someone who wins something, like 100,000th follower or re-tweeter or something. This can only done through great planning and execution. Just because you use twitter does not mean you can execute a great twitter marketing campaign.

I would have thought Maleeh would know better. At the moment this is a joke!

Update: The campaign has since backfired badly. You can read more about it here.

If you feel inclined to say something, say it here;

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