Now that the owners of Stingray Beach Inn has taken my hard work without giving me my due compensation for the work done, they have started circulating stories about me to save their face.

It has recently come to light that I am being labelled as thief who stole from the owners of Stingray Beach Inn hence my “dismissal” from the job as they calls it.

My question to the owners of Stingray Beach Inn is, if I have stolen from you all at all, please tell me how much I stole from you. And how was it stolen?

I have with me a full copy set of all documents of the business including their accounts statements and so forth. These accounts document all transactions that took place that the management wanted to document. All accounts that they obviously did not want to be documented was left out.

A lot of the expenses at Stingray Beach Inn during construction was not documented and spent as and when necessary without accounting them properly.

It is my belief that these records were badly kept for purposes of cheating a Russian based foreign investor of the hotel.

Regardless, what remains to be seen is that, myself and my wife are yet to be paid for our work at Stingray Beach Inn.

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