Maafushi Island has seen immense growth in the last couple of years. And not without reason or cause.

The island has some distinct advantages that some of the other local islands simply just don’t have for themselves to develop into little affordable tourism hubs in the middle of Indian Ocean.

Maafushi, one of the worst affected by the great Indian ocean tsunami of 2004, set it  self apart in the post tsunami rebuilding process.

Today, unlike many other local islands in the Maldives, Maafushi island boast some of the best infrastructure that is around in the inhabited islands of the Maldives.

The islanders have worked tirelessly to achieve its current developments status through developing its infrastructure.

Today the island boast;

  1. A good electricity grid
  2. A sewage system
  3. Transport system – island ferry and government ferry connecting the island with capital Male’ for passengers and supply
  4. A brand new harbor
  5. Desalinated and piped water into every household
  6. Local internet service provider – iCom
  7. Solid mobile network from Dhiraagu and Wataniya
  8. Good roads – although not yet paved

In addition to the above, the local community is open to visitors and investors, allowing for the current growth to take place in such a brief amount of time.

For any other island to successfully compete with Maafushi island, they need to have the right infrastructure developed in the first place before they can start dreaming of moving ahead with other investments.

Nearby, Guraidhoo island, Thulusdhoo island and Gulhi island is trying hard to compete with Maafushi with their tourism investment. But Maafushi has a serious advantage that they just don’t have.

The future looks bright for this tiny island!

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