MDP’s Inssafuge Dhathuru (translated as ‘Journey of Justice’) – Occupy Raalhugandu – continues non-stop for a 13th night in a row. The atmosphere tonight is vibrant and much more energized than the last few days.

So where does this extra energy come from?

For those not in the know, tomorrow is the opening of the Maldives Parliament for the year 2012. State protocol dictates that the President of the Republic has to address the people’s representatives on the floor of the parliament.

It was advised, encouraged and pressured by foreign mediators like the United States, India, EU and the UK to find a solution to the problem before parliament begins on the 1st of March. To date, all-party talks to find a solution to the current crisis before the 1st of March has not yielded any results.

And then D-day arrives with no result, with none of the involved stakeholders making any compromises.

What worse have been the governments relentless brutal attacks on the citizens of Addu City the last couple of days, to subdue Adduans support of President Nasheed and the MDP.

President Waheed and his entourage (co-conspirators of the coup) had hoped for a welcome reception when they arrived in Addu. Only to be faced with an angry citizenry who confronted the president wanting answers regarding what they felt was “their robbed democratic rights” in changing the government.

After 30 years of Gayyoom’s dictatorship, in 2008, we Maldivians entered a one way road. To us there is no going back. At least not the same way we went in. We can only come out from the otherside. Regardless of what the Old Order (Gayyoomists) wants to impose on Maldives or the people today.

Maldivians, it seems are united in their belief that we can no longer accept anything but a constitutional democracy with an elected head of state.

And that is why tonight’s rally is particularly more energized than the previous nights.

Every speaker at the podium is calling for all citizens to gather at the Parliament tomorrow morning. In their beliefs, a president who came to power, by way of a coup cannot be a legitimate president – and thus should not be allowed to address the parliament (the peoples elected representatives) as the head of state.

So the stage is now set for a show down for tomorrow.

What will happen? Will the security forces (Police & MNDF) use similar brute force (that we have become accustomed to all over lives excepts for President Nasheed’s government) against the people once more? It all remains to be seen.

But one thing is certain. Tomorrow is going to be another day that will be marked prominently in Maldivian history.

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