This post was originally posted in a blog called Heuristic Mind, owned by a very good friend of mine, Mohamed Bassam Adam.

It’s true some of the World’s most famous billionaires like Richard Branson, Paul Allen & Roman Abramovich Loves Maldives. They only come to enjoy the Natural beauty of Maldives. We need to work hard to get there attention to other industries in the country as well.

Most of us say starting something is Hard,  But, I would say starting something is easy to do than running something and implementing the idea for long term.

We have many new start-ups in Maldives who starts something and gone lost forever or never get updated. The main reason is lack of funding & resources &  Support from Small to Large Scale Businesses in the Country. What they think about and fund mostly is in Politics, while Monopolizing the biggest industries in the country.

We need to train our Youths sufficiently in schools, ( Specially in Business related Schools ), Organize Workshops that give awareness to one of the biggest industry on the world.

If  you think Fishing & Tourism is the Only industry in Maldives. I Disagree with you.

Because those industries itself depends upon the work and support of Geeks likes us.

We have 100s of Professional and Creative guys in our IT industry who can create, develop and hack amazing ideas and solutions that will have a market value internationally.

We need to take it serious in a national Level. What I see is that the industry does not have much attention from the government Organizations itself and People appointed are irresponsible.

The only problem is we always plan, we always say we have thought of that idea, and it goes on for days, weeks, months and years and you don’t implement and try it. That means you have nothing in your mind. If you have it Implement and do it, take the risk, It will never be a waste of time. It will build your Portfolio.

As member of the organizing team of Event, I believe that this event will create a value in the work we all do specially for young entrepreneurs and developers.

Starting something is Easy but remember that you will need to put extra effort to your ideas to make it up-to your customers.

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