This letter to Editor originally was published in Minivan News on the 1st of July, 2012.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to bring to your attention and to express my disgust at the fact that my son and countless other children who attend Billabong International School in Male’ was potentially exposed and endangered when the school last year appointed Alexis Valoran Reich aka John Mark Karr as the schools head teacher.

It was today brought to my attention that Alexis Valoran Reich is a suspected murderer and pedophile in his native United States of America.

Upon obtaining this information, a group of concerned parents, today, made an appointment with the owner of Billabong International School Maldives Mr Absy and went to the appointment at 2.45pm only to be told by the school that Mr. Absy will not be able to keep his appointment with the parents due to the fact that Mr. Absy was out of the country (it is believed that Mr. Absy found out why the parents had requested for an appointment)

The parents where then met by the principal of the school who informed the parents that the school was aware of Mr. Alexis Reich’s past history and his employment was subsequently terminated due to this fact.

Although I am relieved today that Mr. Alexis Reich no longer works in in Billabong International School, I would like to know;

  1. If he is currently still in the Maldives?
  2. Why was he employed in the first place?
  3. Were any children harmed by him while he was a teacher in the Maldives, if so what was done by the school to address the matter and to help the children in question?
  4. What are the guidelines of the Ministry of Education on hiring teachers in Maldivian Schools? and if these guidelines are different to private schools and public schools in the Maldives and if so, how?
  5. What is the concerned authorities in the country going to be doing in the future to avoid unfortunate and avoidable instances like these in the future?

I would very much appreciate if my concerns had a venue to be made public through your reputed news agency.

Yours Sincerely,

Muzaffar Naeem (Muju)
Concerned Parent

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